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Rivendells Carmel Contessa


Perlino Appaloosa Filly

Sire: Crestviews Little Running Feather

Dam: Sunnyside Dots A Carmel Chip


This stunning filly has it all! Movement, color, conformation, amazing bloodlines and a sweet heart personality. Her pedigree includes; Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Brewers Orion Main Attraction, Boones Little Buckeroo, Gold Melody Boy, Little Kings Buck Echo, Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, plus Dell Tera and Komoko breeding. Her Granddam is Sunnyside Dots incredible, who was undefeated in Color Mare, she was also the 1988 National Multiple Color Champion Mare.

Test results are in!

Tessa is Heterozygous Red Factor (Ee), Heterozygous for Agouti (Aa), Homozygous for Cream (CrCr) and Heterozygous Appaloosa (LP/lp)!